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Verdict: ✅ Legit


✅   Suede Color

  • Suede color should be mid-light brown
  • Should show streaks of grey

✅   Suede Texture

  • Should have brush strokes and suede movement throughout

✅   Reverse Swoosh

  • Tips should be sharp and cut cleanly
  • Should points towards first lacehole
  • Top of swoosh head should be about .5 cms from top stitching

✅   Pebbled Leather

  • Should have significant pebbled leather
  • Should not have pebbled crease across lateral sides

⚠️   Toe Box

  • Should be slim from profile

✅   Reflective Cactus Jack Writing

  • “C” should be touching top stitching on both shoes
  • Left shoe: “J” should be sticking out from the top of the swoosh (looking like a “T”)
  • Right shoe: “J” should be fully visible above the swoosh

✅   Swoosh

  • Tips should be sharp and cut cleanly

✅   Cactus Jack Face Embossing

  • Embossing should be clearly and consistently etched into heel
  • Hair details should NOT be darker than the suede on the heel
  • Hair should appear “blurred”
  • Should not have noticeable rim around outside of face

✅   Consistent Suede Movement

✅   Hourglass Shape


✅   Box Tag

  • Label on outside should have detachable price tag

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